Aribba my love,

I wanted a horse since I was just a little girl. Finally, when I was 28 years old, you came into my
life. I will never forget the first time I laid my eyes on you. You had the most beautiful eyes. Big
and bold but yet full of kindness and love. I brought you home and we began our 20 year
friendship. Through those 20 years, we shared years and years of trail rides, riding lessons,
swimming, camping and one of the most memorable moments was when you gave birth to your
son "Kelsadd". That was a moment I will cherish as long as I cherish your memory. When you
became so sick with a severe colic, I hauled you to the Veterinary School of Medicine and
watched you go through colic surgery. You spent nearly six months recovering and did it with
such strength and dignity. I know now, you did it for me! I trusted you with my life and you
trusted me with yours. As you started to age, the arthritis took over your legs. I told you when
you were just a young mare that I would never let you suffer. On November 20, 2004 I sent
you on your way to Rainbow Bridge. I know you are running and frolicking in those lush green
fields with the wind blowing in your face. No more pain in those legs.
Aribba, thank you for being my best friend for 20 years. Your memory and name will live on
and on through this farms name "ARIBBA ACRES".  Be free and happy and know that I will
always love you and miss you!

Your loving friend and Mom
This beautiful picture was given to me by a dear dear friend, Lynda Gredin of
Lynbil Pygmy's. Words can not describe how touched I was when I received this.
It was painted by Linda Craun. What beautiful work she does. She captured every
detail of Aribba and Matrix and I look so young and thin. The lady does Magic.
Thank you to both Lynda Gredin and Linda Craun.
I absolutely love this and will cherish it forever.